Beyond Humans & Automatisme --- zeitgeist

Beyond Humans & Automatisme --- zeitgeist


Beyond Humans & Automatisme is a duo reuniting two established electronic music projects based in Santiago/Chile and Montreal/Canada. The first EP of this collaboration containing four tracks will be published on legendary label Force Inc.
Beyond Humans is an electronic music project influenced by forward-thinking techno and ambient, conformed in 2017 by the brothers Christian Lucio and Juan Lucio from Colombia, both owners of the label G89 Records. Throughout their career since 2008, Chris and Juan have worked with various labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Alss, Utch, between others and also have been constantly performing in different festivals and venues in South America alongside Speedy J, Mitú, Setaoc Mass, Polar Inertia, Developer, Claudio PRC, to name a few.
Automatisme is the electronic music project of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec-based producer William Jourdain, who is exploring various intersections of ambient, clicks and cuts, dub techno, field recordings and glitch as well as digital visual art in abstract landscape and op art aesthetics. He has been busy since 2011 with more than 30 releases on various labels such as Constellation Records (home for Godspeed you! Black Emperor), Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux, Neologist Productions, Liberation Through Hearing, Outlines and Dream Disk Lab. He performed concerts at Mutek (CA), ELEKTRA (CA), Suoni Per Il Popolo (CA), Pop Montreal (CA), Sulfure (FR), Generate (GE), Knobs & Wires (GE), Octandre (FR) and others as well as playing in experimental club music gigs alongside Byetone, Monolake, Seefeel, Thisquietarmy, Myriam Boucher and more. In 2019, he did a studio residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, the centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art. Since 2010 is day job is at Fréquences, one of Canada's leading indie record stores. Jourdain is also a bachelor of art in art history from UQAM (Universté du Québec à Montréal).

Music by Beyond Humans & Automatisme
Mastering by Pheek

released February 18, 2021

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