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becoming magazine

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108 pages
full colour
300gsm pearl cover
90gsm uncoated recycled paper inside

ISSUE ZERO [NOKIA] is limited to 50 copies

::CONTENTS (includes)
Sun Ra
Sunrise Hub
Mille Plateaux
+ Interview with Achim Szepanski
Princess Nokia
Simon Reynolds & Iara Lee

" Becoming " is an imprint of CROSSDRESSING DIOGENES, it is an auxiliary plateaux to extend, echo and resonate with the primary platform. Becoming is the moment at a beach rave where you notice the stars, and stare up at them, forgetting temporarily about the bass and the pills, and wonder what exactly is going on; where are we going? What is all of this?

It is a magazine about both nothing and everything, viewed from a perspective of incomplete consciousness,. nomadic identity, and queer cynicism. It contains writings about contemporary, past and future media, music, film, TV, books, philosophers; it is a magazine that sees capital everywhere, and is highly concerned with understand how deeply capital has rooted itself in our consciousness.