Bienoise --- Most Beautiful Design (Floppy Disk)

Bienoise --- Most Beautiful Design (Floppy Disk)

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Most Beautiful Design is a tribute mini album to the excellent design of the 3.5'' floppy disk and to the dexterous workings of audio mp3 audio. The project was conceived to be small enough to be contained on a single floppy disk, exploiting the behaviour of very low bitrate mp3 compression, its audio artefacts and nonlinearity, as an instrument and mean of composition in which low fidelity doesn't hide, but reveals new informations.

Most Beautiful Design celebrates the role these humble technologies played in the diffusion of music and knowledge. Bienoise collected samples from a simpler digital past to shape them into dense and soulful vignettes, that seek not to induce melancholy, but trust in our technology. To save, to share.

Composed, mixed and mastered by Alberto Ricca /Bienoise

Graphic design by Sélva

Floppy Disk limited edition of 50 exemplars, each with a different design.

Released in December 2018

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