La Deleuziana #10

La Deleuziana #10

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La Deleuziana #10 is an “unidentified sonic object”!

La Deleuziana #10 (eds. Obsolete Capitalism and Stefano Oliva) is a political and philosophical EVENT! featuring text, music and videos revealing an underworld of energies, experimentations and “sonic fiction”. A wholistic approach towards the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, LaDeleuziana #10: Chaos, Rhythm, and non pulsed Man offers musical and visual perspectives on the philosophers’ speculative concepts of chaos and rhythm. It includes 27 essays in English, Italian, French and Spanish, written by philosophers and artists such as Ronald Bogue, Daniela Angelucci, Edward Campbell, Zafer Aracagök, Paulo de Assis, Pascale Criton, Paolo Vignola, Sara Baranzoni and others.

LaDeleuziana #10 is released alongside a USB card including three hours of music and visual material from experimental artists dealing with themes such as non linear rhythm and chaotic bifurcations. Among those are Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Adi Newton (Clock DVA), TAG/TAGC/The Anti Group, Roberto Paci Dalò, Obsolete Capitalism, Lorenzo Pagliei and Zaum Percussion, Zafer Aracagök/SIFIR, Howie B, Demystification Committee, NicoNote and Deborah Walker.

Edited by Obsolete Capitalism and Stefano Oliva, LaDeleuziana #10 (Book and USB) is available in an edition of 100 and enriched by a dust jacket featuring a pictographic score by artist Roberto Paci Dalò, printed on twill paper.